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Overview of SHOWME
SHOWME is a fully-automated software package that generates concise informative displays
of large environmental databases on a nightly-basis.
The common current practice:
Large, complex, tabular databases

The SHOWME transformation of
tabular data



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- Most project data is in tabular form
- Site workers spend hours to process each contaminant data
- Regulators, stakeholders, and decision makers routinely raise concerns about the difficulty of data interpretation in this format
This is an illustrative sample page of a SHOWME template. This template was developed for EPA Region IX managers, site managers,stakeholders, and the concerned public.
Current Practice
Benefits of SHOWME
Manually extract data and generate plots using Excel or simple graphical tools
Automatically extract and generate bar plots with regulatory limit and laboratory flags
Allows for complete regulatory compliance evaluations
No well, geology, and location
details included
Each plot includes location map,
geology, and well plot
Provides all needed data for
contaminant evaluation
Water level and rainfall distribution are in separate files
Plots include precipitation and
water level details
Provides efficient consolidation of key data
Each plot is developed and updated manually
Thousands of plots are automatically generated in a matter of minutes
High cost-savings
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Product Details

SHOWME interfaces with the most commonly-used commercial databases - Oracle, Excel, SQL, Access, etc - and builds from that, provides concise, informative plots

Single Well Plot
Thousands of plots can be generated quickly, and each printed 11x17 page can be custom-designed to include: Location Map, Hydrograph, Geologic Data, Well Construction Data. A Single Well Plot can graph up to 60 monitored chemicals in each project well.

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Multiple Well Plot
SHOWME Customization
Program integrates associated data files
needed for informative displays
Templates are custom-designed to fit the
specific needs of each site, basin, or region
Program updates each plot by automatically checking for the latest data update
Other Features

SHOWME can also be customized to generate other detailed graphs:

Soil Boring
Geological Layers
Hydrograph: rainfall, location map, well details, field notes

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Real World Applications of Our Showme Product

The SHOWME program has been in constant growth and evolution for the past two decades in order to keep up with cutting edge computer technologies. Since its creation, it has been utilized in many major projects nationwide:

Southern California - West Basin Seawater Barrier Project
U.S. DOE Hanford Project
Mining System Groundwater Flow Analyses
Calleguas Municipal Water District - Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Los Angeles) - Aquifer Storage and Recovery

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