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CH2M Hill & CFEST used CFEST Innovative data processing and modeling technologies for well location, depth, and extraction rates to capture most of the effluents. This project has undergone stringent regulatory evaluations by California State Regulators. These credentials support our technology capabilities for cost and time efficient implementation of environmental restoration projects.

An illustrative example of CFEST  "real world" applications. CFEST technologies provide complete integrated package for

  • Uploading site geologic, hydrologic, chemical, and other information.
  • Mathematical representation of key features impacting flow and transport.
  • Detailed remediation design based comprehensive runs.
  • 2D & 3D displays.
Model Grid, Infiltration Basins , and Extraction Well Locations- An illustrative sample of interactively generated grid.

CFEST 3D particle tracking is based on refined local scale grid.

EWM technologies provide efficient means for mathematical modeling of local site within regional model. "Real world" complex geometry of external boundaries, rock outcrop, and variations of grid (horizontally and vertically) are efficiently represented for relatively accurate simulations. Environmental and groundwater project implementations cost millions of dollars over the project life. During past three decades EWM developers have been incorporating efficient capabilities for wide range of field needs. EWM strongly believes in designing and assessments of "real world" problems with appropriate representation of physical shapes as conceptualized.Interactive grid and input file generation are incorporated for easy alternate site model generation "on fly".  

          AutoCAD                                  Finite Element Grid                                   Meshless

 Each RIX and RIB site has to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

EWM 3D particle tracking algorithms provide needed understanding of likely flow directions and travel time. Since RIB and RIX projects are recharge sites, groundwater mound created at the RIB and RIX sites causes divergence of regional from up-gradient flow and do not "pull" the regional contaminants (if any present) in to the site. However down-gradient flow may cause accelerated movements.  EWM fate and transport model results assist in quantitative understanding on contaminant migration. 

  • Permit applications and performance assessments require detailed fluid and mass balances by each basins adjoining to  RIX and RIB sites.
  • EWM interactively generated grid aligns model element sides along the required basin boundaries for relatively accurate estimation of fluid and mass balances in each basin.
  • EWM groundwater codes generates informative tables of water and mass balances along with totals of in and out flows between two adjacent basin boundaries.




EWM fate and transport results assists in understanding likely rate of a chemical migration from each RIB or RIX basin.

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