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Rapid Infiltration Basin (RIB) Sites

The  rapid infiltration basins (RIBs) offer the possibility of  cost-effectivtertiary treatment through percolation of the reclaimed waterwithin the biologically and chemically active soil environment. Design and EA (Environmental Assessments) of RIB site needs hydrologic assessments. EWM CFEST capabilities of local scale grid design assisted in aligning each basin boundary exactly to individual basin boundary and also along surface water bodies (e.g. lakes).

EWM team considers each key feature of the system in developing a numerical model of the site.


For this site, lakes and individual basin and its dykes were used in grid design for detailed estimates of flow to each lake and groundwater system.

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-          EWM Group's CFEST integrated technologies were used for uploading site geologic, hydrologic, chemical, and other types of information.

-          Integrated GIS and CFEST tools were used for input preparation.

-          A detailed local-scale model of each RIB was developed for accurate estimates of fluid and mass balances of each basin contribution to surface water bodies and aquifers.

-          External boundaries were extended by using large elements to minimize impact of boundary conditions on the evaluation of basin performances.

-          EWM integrated informative   2-D and 3-D displays for project decisions

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