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Three-Dimensional Coupled Fluid, Energy, and Solute Transport (CFEST) Model




Long Island , NewYork


Nassau and Suffolk Counties with close to 3 million people are completely dependent on groundwater for all of their freshwater needs. As a result the hydrology of Long Island has been extensively studied. Long Island is completely surrounded by salt water. New York City derives its water from upstate, but the supply is just adequate to provide the needs of the city. Thus the only source of fresh water on Long Island now or in the future is precipitation that becomes part of the groundwater system. Luckily an adequate supply of high quality freshwater is available if Long Island properly manages its water.


CFEST 3D finite element model was one of the pioneering efforts for modeling entire Long Island, New York groundwater reservoir. CFEST model provided efficient means for mathematical representation of complex layering system. Following figures are illustrative sample of CFEST efforts for real world sites in their physical shapes and size.

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CFEST interface with plotting program allow display of top elevations and thickness of each layer.

CFEST model inputs allow easy modifications of layer details at each node.

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