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San Fernando Valley
Groundwater Model

The San Fernando Valley groundwater basin, an aquifer which, prior to the discovery of its contamination, had provided drinking water to over 800,000 residents of the cities of Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, and the La Crescenta Water District. EWM technologies
have been used for:

  • whole basin simulation and
  • monitoring data displays

San Fernando Groundwater basin is one of the large southern California sources of water supply for millions of people.

EWM technologies provided efficient means for mathematical representation of complex geometries of each layer, hydraulic property variations, and other key parameters impacting groundwater flow and transport.

EWM technologies key benefits:

  • Interactive grid and input file generation
  • Fate and transport modeling by one code
  • Integrated tools for fluid and mass balance, particle tracking
  • Simulation of natural features in their physical shapes and sizes

EWM –SHOWME tools have been used for visualization of water quality and water level data of San Fernando Valley.
Each plot included well location map
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