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U.S. Department of Navy - El Toro Marine Base

CFEST Role for this project:

For El Toro Marine Base CFEST developed efficient procedures for concise, self explanatory multimedia data (wells, chemicals, soil borings, and surface measurements) visualization. CFEST reports were referred to as “data bibles” by the Navy Project Manager since each display included all key information. Surface runoff, surface soil, and near surface sample represent substantial amount of data.
EWM SHOWME automated concise displays of all near surface data assisted in instant identification of “hot-spots” for each chemical

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Multi-port well data

Multi-port well data are used to understand vertical variations in concentration distribution. SHOWME displays of each chemical data are designed for efficient uses of available data.

EL Toro processing of well log data included display of each well log with location map and automated transformation drillers recording to the project standards grouping of lithology data.

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CFEST analysis explicitly showed deep extraction would cause migration of the TCE plume to the deeper principal aquifer. CFEST developed an elaborate design of shallow surface wells for plume containment and extraction.

EMW-SHOWME interfaces display of all hydrographs which provides current data status and waterlevel trends

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Applicability of El Toro experiences to other federal project

CFEST multimedia data processing and remediation design procedures provide state-ofthe- art methods for remediation design and assessments. CFEST 3D displays and animations are designed for active participation of decision makers, regulators and stake

Fine grid of TCE plume

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