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GoodRep stores wide range of data types
SHOWME Concise informative  multimedia plots
Processed data in “ready to use” format
Simulates sites in natural complex geometries
Credible “data gaps” identification
Provides highly calibrated site models
State-of-the-art groundwater modeling tools
Risk based assessments using historical data
Based on detailed site evaluations
Summary tables, 3d displays, & animations

Service Expertise:
Environmental Services

Water Resource 

Aquifer Storage and Retrieval (ASR)  
Effluent Disposal Systems
Reclaimed Water Injection for Seawater Barrier
Mining Industry

Chemical and Petroleum Industry

Data Reports


EWM is the active branch group of CFEST Inc. Since its inception in 1994, EWM group has drawn on the skills of its diverse staff and teaming partners in order to provide turnkey site support for complex environmental and water management projects.

Since the EWM staff and partners consist of experienced environmental and groundwater technology developers, EWM understands field needs and, in turn, implements our clients’ projects in a cost and time efficient manner using state-ofthe-art methods and procedures.
EWM is one of the pioneers in the development and application of state-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D groundwater and environmental technologies, and has won a total of six SBIR grants for contributing to large projects nationwide.
DOE - Hanford Site Richland, WA EPA - Aerojet Superfund Site, Sacramento, CA
DOE - Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, CA EPA - Long Island Reservoir, NY, NY
DOE - Nuclear waste repository assessments, TX EPA - 170 sq. mi. San Gabriel Basin, CA
DOD - El Toro Marine Base, CA EPA - 60 million gallons acid disposal pit, CA
West Basin Seawater Intrusion Evaluation, CA EPA - Abandoned Iron Mountain Mine, CA
80 million gallons/day effluent disposal site, CA Regional effluent disposal facilities, FL
Under the main corporate name, CFEST Inc., EWM Group is a qualified GSA Contract holder:
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