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.. CFEST has efficiently and effectively demonstrated real time access of 2.5 million records. DOE-RL is very pleased with CFEST, Inc. Internet based innovative methods. CFEST Inc. technologies have provided DOE-RL with a web-based way of sharing large data sets from HEIS with regulators, tribes and stakeholders.

On a second front DOE-RL has used CFEST groundwater modeling and inverse parameter estimation technologies for testing multiple groundwater conceptual models as a method to address and implement evaluation of uncertainty in groundwater modeling and risk/dose assessments. DOERL has developed a number of 3-D groundwater conceptual models and with CFEST's inverse parameter estimation and 3-D groundwater model code these tools are playing an important role for Hanford site wide groundwater modeling. DOE-RL is very satisfied with these efforts from CFEST.

R. Douglas Hildebrand, U.S. Department of Energy, Richland WA

While working on my projects and other projects, Mr. Gupta has developed and utilized computer software tools and approaches to organize and large amounts of environmental data in such a way that makes it easy to analyze and reference the information. Too often, environmental data
gathered for large Superfund projects is housed in separate paper reports, all of different formats. This makes it burdensome to analyze or refer to the information. Mr. Gupta's software tools and approaches were used as a way to solve these problems.

Dante Rodriguez, P.E. Superfund Remedial Project Manager U.S. EPA Reg. 9

PNNL has been using and working with CFEST, Inc. on the use of CFEST groundwater modeling technologies for more than two decades for DOE Hanford and several other sites nationally and internationally. The assessments and applications have involved complex local and regional-scale
groundwater systems. The current state of development embodied in the CFEST suite of software reflects more than 20 years of efforts and investment for a wide variety of sources. PNNL has made use of Dr. Gupta’s special expertise to develop innovative enhancements to the CFEST suite of software for specific applications at the Hanford Site since 1997. PNNL now routinely using Dr. Gupta;s CFEST_UCODE for inverse parameter estimation on a computer cluster of about 40 Linux workstations.-

Marcel P. Bergeron, Program Manager, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Richland WA

“Dr. Gupta has assisted the U.S. EPA with data management and graphical displays on several Superfund sites. He has also provided similar assistance to the Department of Defense. The work that Dr. Gupta has performed for the EPA has proven to be invaluable… Many of these sites report large amounts of data to the EPA, which we must review. Dr. Gupta has assisted EPA with determining the most effective method of data presentation. The graphical display of data, which we now use, allows decision-makers to quickly look at within well trends and compare these to hydrographs with reference to spatial location and well completion information. This has proven to be a very effective manner for the decision makers to assimilate and reference large amounts of data.

Herbert Levine, Hydro-geologist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX

.. While working on my projects and other projects, (CFEST) has developed and utilized computer software tools and approaches to organize and large amounts of environmental data in such a way that makes it easy to analyze and reference the information.

Terry Foreman, Vice President CH2M Hill

..The DOE is currently under immense congressional pressure to reduce its budget and increase the efficiency of environmental restoration at all of its sites. We can think of no better way to demonstrate our convictions as to the value of using consultants such as (CFEST) to aid in the environmental cleanup at than to obtain funding for the services of (CFEST)..

Stan Leja , Hydro-geologist, State Of Washington - Department Of Ecology


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