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Service Expertise:
Environmental Services

Water Resource 

Aquifer Storage and Retrieval (ASR)  
Effluent Disposal Systems
Reclaimed Water Injection for Seawater Barrier
Mining Industry

Chemical and Petroleum Industry

Data Reports

EWM Product Design

Environmental data bases are collected at high cost. Databases are large. Databases are mostly in tabular forms. EWM technologies provide efficient means from developing data repository, automated data displays and internet based data access.

Groundwater resource planning, remediation, and management involve large basins, complex geologic layers, several decades of data, and large number of scenario assessments. EWM Groundwater codes provide easy means for complex large site simulation

GoodRep stores site data in a repository for current and long term uses. View Details

CFEST - A 3D finite element code with interactive input file generation and state-of-the-art displays and animations
View Details

SHOWME generates concise informative displays of multi-media data with location map and other details. View Details

MGM-PG: An advanced technology (under development) based on recent aerospace advancement of meshless simulations.
View Details

EDA provides internet based real time access  data in “in ready to use format” View Details

CFEST-UCODE: Provides efficient means foe parameter estimation using several thousands of water level and chemical data. View Details

EWM technologies were developed for large projects cost and time efficient management of environment and groundwater.

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