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Service Expertise:
Environmental Services

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Environmental Services
(GSA Contract Holder)
Under the main corporate name, CFEST Inc., EWM Group is qualified to provide these GSA Environmental Services:
SIN 899-1: Environmental Planning Services & Documentation
SIN 899-2: Environmental Compliance Services
SIN 899-4: Waste Management Services And Software
SIN 899-7: Geographic Information Systems
SIN 899-8: Remediation Services

Environmental Planning Services and Documentation (SIN 899-1)

► Technical, management, and support services required for NEPA documentation
► Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Assessments (EAs), Findings of No Significant
Impact (FONSIs), Categorical Exclusions, Records of Decision (RODs), and other related documentation and supporting
► Identification of information needs and data requirements and collection and review of background information
► Field investigations and sampling, data analysis and interpretation, resource monitoring, analytical services, and
Groundwater modeling; fate and transport studies
► Development of environmental baseline data, basing concepts, and identification and evaluation of alternatives
► Impact analyses/assessments, site monitoring, hazard assessments, site investigations and risk assessments
► Ecological, risk assessments, radiological and non-radiological risk assessments, damage and criticality assessments
► Environmental Information Systems; Publications, exhibits, videos, and internet web sites for community relations
plans, stakeholder involvement programs, and communication strategies
EWM Group experiences include EPA six Superfund sites in California

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Environmental Compliance Services (SIN 899-2)

► Environmental Compliance Audits: include review and evaluation of environmental regulations, laws, policies, and directives
to determine specific environmental compliance requirements and responsibilities as well as appropriate strategies
and approaches.
► Development of audit deficiency reporting and tracking systems and recommendations for corrective measures.
► Compliance Management Planning: development of management plans, policies, procedures, training, documentation,
and assessments for compliance management.
► Reviews, evaluations, and interpretations of pending, modified, and final environmental laws, regulations, standards,
and policies.
► Compliance Tracking, Management, and Reporting services: Information Management Systems, office procedures,
administrative controls for environmental compliance and waste management activities including commitment and action
tracking programs for audit.
► Pollution Prevention Surveys: Technical reviews of Pollution Prevention Plans, policies, and guidelines from regulatory
EWM Group experiences include EPA six Superfund sites in California.

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Waste Management Services and Software (SIN 899-4)

► Data Collection, Feasibility or Risk _ Analysis
► RCRA/CERCLA Site Investigation
► Hazard and/or Non Hazard Exposure Assessments
► Waste Characterization and Source Reduction Studies
► Review and Recommendation of Waste Tracking or Handling Systems
► Waste Management Plans and/or Surveys
► Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Initiatives
► Review of Technologies and Processes Impacting Waste Management
► Management, Furnishing or Inventory of Material Safety Data via CD, Internet,
Facsimile, Mail or Other Media
► Reporting and Compliance Software
► Development of Emergency Response Plans
► Hazardous/Non Hazardous Materials Tracking Software
► Creation and Maintenance of HAZMAT/Non HAZMAT Tracking Systems and/or Software

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Geographic Information Systems (SIN 899-7)

► Mapping and Cartography
► Natural Resource Planning.
► Site Selection
► Migration Pattern Analysis
► Pollution Analysis
► Emergency Preparedness Planning
► Geologic Logs, Topographic Data, 3D/4D Interactive Visualization Packages
► Data Interpretation

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Remediation Services (SIN 899-8)

► Preparation, Characterization, Field Investigation, Conservation and Closure of Site.
► Long Term Monitoring/Long Term Operation (LTM/LTO)
► Containment, Monitoring and/or Reduction of Hazardous Waste Sites
► Ordinance Removal and Support
► Excavation, Removal, Transportation, Storage, Treatment and/or Disposal of Hazardous Waste
► Wetland Restoration
► Emergency Response
► UST/AST Removal
► Air Monitoring
► Soil Vapor Extraction; Stabilization/Solidification; Bio-Venting; Carbon Absorption and/or Reactive Walls and Containment

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