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Water Resource Projects
As the demand for water increases, the development of groundwater resources and new types of conjunctive use related to artificial recharge and effluent discharges swiftly moves to the forefront of concern. A groundwater basin’s natural boundaries can extend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of square miles out. Quantitative assessments that gauge the availability and sustainability of these groundwater resources need data compilation, conceptual model development, mathematical simulations, and detailed evaluations. Using its customizable technologies, EWM Group provides these support services.
EWM Group Site Support

EWM tools and procedures have been used to for small to mega-sized basins.

565 sq. mile basin conceptual model

EWM tools provide efficient means for mathematical representations
of boundaries, rock outcrops, and other natural formations.

An illustrative display of an interactively
generated fence diagram.

EWM interface tools generate informative 2-D and 3-D displays.

EWM Group’s tools can create efficient data repositories, data displays, simulations of large systems, animations, mass
balance estimations, and much more.

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EWM group technologies have been applied to large nationwide projects and studies:
Conceptual Model
Needs addressed by EWM’s Groundwater Modelling

Long Island, NY Groundwater Basin
Calibrated multi-layered groundwater reservoir models of physical properties and historical pumping/recharge rates are needed in order to safely manage water resources.

EWM Group’s Groundwater Modelling includes an easy means to add/remove wells, accurately define well screens, local area plumes, and faults by points only (no grids needed). Counties and regulatory agencies willhave an easy means to evaluate the impact of new changes.

MWD aquifer storage and recovery (ASR)
Several ASR Projects are being implemented to store millions of gallons of surplus wet-year water in the groundwater reservoirs for uses during extended draughts.

EWM Group’s system of groundwater modelling provides an easy means for the design of optimal well locations, pumping & injection rates, and estimation of ASR efficiencies. The currently available grid-based models require a complex vertical mesh in order to model a given well screen in a thick aquifer

Abandoned Iron Mountain Mine, Redding
The closure of old mines and the management of active mines need accurate models of mine structures. These complex geometries cannot be efficiently modeled by available rectangular codes. FE codes require too much labor.

EWM Group’s Modelling provides an easy means to model natural rocks, blasted areas, and tunnels. Integrated procedures generate node layers for the transition zones from low to high permeable zones.

80 million gallon/day disposal site, Riverside
For rapid infiltration and down gradient extraction, EWM Group’s current technologies are being used for designing pump locations and extraction rates. Particle tracking and contiminant transport assessments are performed to ensure complete extraction of contaminants. Several counties across USA need these types of alternate means for disposal and to maximize the uses of reclaimed water.

Groundwater code accurately models each dike and pump without the costly generation of grids.

Disney World, Florida,
disposal facility
Conjunctive studies of surface and subsurface water are routinely needed for each county. EWM’s current technologies have been used forimpact evaluations of surface disposal of effluents on lakes. However, FE grid generations require substantial time.

EWM Group’s Groundwater Modelling generates nodes along key
boundaries for accurate models of disposal facilities.

U.S. DOE Hanford Site-wide Model
RCRA and Superfund site RI/FS are key markets for groundwater codes. EWM technologies have provided a means for detailed assessment of physical systems and plumes.

In addition to being meshless, EWM Groundwater Modelling has built-in utilities for integrated assessment of 1-D unsaturated zones and 3-D saturated flow and transport.

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