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Service Expertise:
Environmental Services

Water Resource 

Aquifer Storage and Retrieval (ASR)  
Effluent Disposal Systems
Reclaimed Water Injection for Seawater Barrier
Mining Industry

Chemical and Petroleum Industry

Data Reports

EPA San Gabriel
Groundwater Basin 160 sq. mile of contaminated -primary source of water for over 1 million people in LA county. CFEST model was first detailed 3D finite element model used for OU design and ROD

DOE Hanford Site WA
(586 square miles), is recognized as the world’s largest environmental cleanup effort—Our tools and services in “real time”
data processing, modeling, inverse parameter.

EPA– Aerojet Sacramento CA
Complete processing of one decade of data 2,000 monitoring wells. Assisted EPA, DHS, and Regional Water Quality Board

EPA– Stringfellow Riverside CA
A sixty five million gallon spent acid pit—CFEST services included comprehensive data processing and interpretation

EPA –Iron Mountain Mine Redding CA
Integrated complex mining geometry of blasted areas, tunnels, faults, and geologic details and performed RI alternative

DOD- El Toro Marine Base RI
Comprehensive processing of surface runoff, surface soil, sub-soil, geologic, chemical data–site conceptual model, designed of shallow well system for site cleanup.

OII Landfill site, CA
OII Landfill site is one of the largest landfill site (160 acres).
CFEST technologies and support during RI Phase included
comprehensive data visualization of data collected at cost of
$30 million. CFEST generated reports assisted in efficient
participation by regulators, site owners, and stake holders

DOE – LLNL main site, Livermore, CA
CFEST was first to develop a detailed 3D finite element model of the entire site and assisted in remedial alternative assessments.

San Fernando, CA
Basin wide model for detailed evaluations of a Superfund site. This involved calibration, scenario evaluations, and detailed mass balance

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