In addition to each
monitoring station data site data users need to perform in-depth evaluation of specific chemical of interest.

SHOWME multi-well displays provide quick understanding of all well data

EWM approaches for each
landfill site includes:

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Data Reports

LANDFILLS: Superfund sites; Old and current sites
Landfill Superfund site operators are spending millions of dollars in site characterization and cleanup of the contaminated groundwater.  Current and old landfill sites have to follow stringent compliance requirements to protect public health and groundwater.

EWM Services for Landfill sites

Task description

Current practice

EWM approach and benefits

Initial site selection and EAs

Generally evaluate local geologic setting and other data. Most of the data upload and processing is labor intensive

Recently valuable regional information is becoming available free or at low cost. EWM procedures efficiently use multimedia data.

Monitoring strategy design

Likely slow leakance rates from landfill sites need a detailed local-scale conceptual model and identification of groundwater flow paths and travel times which are not used commonly. This results in duplicate and redundant data collection efforts.

EWM monitoring strategy is based on detailed conceptual site models, quantitative uncertainties, and calibrated regional and local-scale models. EWM design includes data storage and real-time assessment of latest data.

Maintain consolidated      multi-media data repository from construction -> operations -> closure

Data used in the landfill initial EA and design generally gets buried in the project report.

EWM procedures provide efficient means for object-oriented data storage, editing, and updates.

Review of monitoring data by site operators, field staff, regulators, and the public

Currently laboratory results are entered and maintained in tabular form. Site operators and regulators generally depend on the extracted partial data processed by a contractor or staff.

EWM – SHOWME interfaces with the site database and provides nightly updated plots of multimedia data. EWM Group’s concise informative displays include all details for site managers and regulators.

Groundwater level distributions - regional, local, and at the landfill site

Not maintained as a normal practice.

EWM procedures provide the most current water level distribution data

Groundwater travel path and rate of flow

Not maintained as a normal practice.

EWM provides most current travel path and travel time estimates with flow vectors.

Contaminant plumes of chemical of concerns near landfill sites

These are not generally maintained in the project files.

EWM sets up procedures and their updates will maintain most current details

RI/FS tasks and Remediation of contaminated groundwater

Uses manually intensive, costly procedures for data processing and assessments

EWM tools are automated and provide state-of-the-art technologies

Long-term monitoring of closed sites

No detailed conceptual models are used design

EWM procedures are for real time evaluations

EWM understands scientific, engineering, and regulatory needs. EWM also understands monitoring, data processing, and analyses costs. Regulatory non-compliance penalties are high. Rather than piecemeal last minute costly repeated efforts, EWM proposes the development and maintenance of a systematic plan of each site which will keep site operators, regulators, and the concerned public fully informed of the current environmental status through the internet.

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Illustrative EWM-SHOWME samples

Illustrative EWM-SHOWME samples of a 170 acre landfill site. Regulators and site operators used to spend hours to understand site characterization data collected at a cost of approximately $30 million dollars. EWM-SHOWME automatically generated displays of monitoring stations, chemical plots, spider diagrams, piper diagrams, cross-sections, and others assist in providing an efficient means for quick informed decisions that are acceptable to all participants. Reports containing SHOWME displays were mainly kept handy for routine project decisions, rather than boxes full of tabular outputs.

Performance of landfill sites to contain waste is becoming an essential part of landfill management. Leaks from landfill sites are generally small and if monitoring locations are not in the likely groundwater flow paths, the probabilities of undetected damage to the environment are high. Rather than investing resources in piece meals, a systematic, cost-efficient routine of data storage, processing, visualization, and real-time availability of processed information through internet/intranet will save “bundles of dollars” and suspense. Our goals are to provide the latest information for efficient participation of site managers and public
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