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Overview of GoodREP
An efficient means for systematic groundwater basin data storage, processing, and visualization..

Benefits of using GoodRep approach and tools:

  • Systematic storage of multimedia data for current and future uses
  • Easy means to interface plotting and groundwater codes
  • Valuable information is not lost in separate folders
  • User friendly Graphical User interface for the data to be processed

GoodRep tab based GUI provides easy means to upload and process key groundwater data layer information.

Original data is interactively translated to user preferred format. Imported databases can be in text or any standard ODBC compliant format.

GoodRep procedures generate informative summary table by chemical and wells, which assists users to select data for visualization or editing

Object Oriented Database Structure

Following is one of the general flow chart of EWM Group team’s environmental project implementation

For each project, EWM assembles field characterization data (e.g. geologic layer top/bottom elevation), material distribution zones and properties in available formats (e.g. DEM, ESRI shape files, Autodesk DXF files and other common formats).

GoodRep interfaced tools convert uploaded field characterization data in grid format for “on fly” interpolation for user selected models.

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GEOFEST-An Integral Component of GoodREP

(An integrated technology for developing geologic setting site conceptual model using each object data)
GEOFEST extracts and generates input files for user preferred ground water codes and grid

EWM group has RIVERFEST (processes river data) and POLYFEST (processes lakes and poly shaped structures).

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